Everyone thinks black is always in—wearing black gives you a feeling of confidence, allowing yourself to use that confidence to strut down the street as if you’re walking the runway. But what is it about wearing black that gives you that ultimate feel of coolness?

It is the idea that by wearing this color you shut yourself from the outside, allowing a greater distance between the internal and external world. It creates a mystery to your peers, drawing them more into your internal world. This Fashionista, like many, is a big fan of wearing black. “Sometimes I really need to be on my own and get my stuff together. That means moving from place to place without any distractions from anyone else,” she states. However, because black gives off a strong feeling of isolation, wearing only this color can also give off a negative feel to your peers. Thus, it is oftentimes good to add a little bit of color in the outfit. This Fashionista wears all black with the exception of her button-down shirt and shoes. With the spark of the vibrant colors on different parts, it makes her look more approachable, but she still wears enough black to keep the confidence. She ties the look together with the perfect accessory—sunglasses. Sunglasses are always the answer to create a mystery about yourself. “I mean it’s hot and it still keeps the look I’m going for. So what’s the harm?”

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s alright to make a statement with your clothes. I mean, that’s what fashion is all about. But make sure to keep in mind how it is portrayed to others. You don’t want others to have a bad opinion about you.”