STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black Even in the Summer

When it comes to what to wear during the summertime, people tend to drift towards lighter colors and patterns but not this Fashionisto. He has decided to challenge the norm and sport some darker colors.

He has on a black button down from the Stafford Brand, and black chino shorts from H&M. Although he has chosen such a dark color for this warm season, the material is light enough to keep him from getting too hot on his daily adventures.

This Fashionisto also has on some accessories that came from H&M, including his backpack and wide-brimmed wool hat. This look wouldn’t be a complete summer look without a pair of aviator shades from Tilly’s. These gray sunglasses have reflective lenses so you can see how shocked you are at how stylish this guy is!

Although it seems that he is going for a monochromatic scheme, there are some brown leather elements that stick out in this outfit. This includes the leather accents on his backpack and his brown leather boat shoes. There’s nothing like a pair of Dockers shoes to top off the already dapper look.

Mixing in fall tones with summer styles, this Fashionisto definitely has a different and eccentric look to him, making him stand out from all the other stylish people out and about. He puts the dapper menswear style on the darker side of the color spectrum, wearing all black and still staying comfortable in the heat.

What is your STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK? “Play around with things, never be afraid to take risks because sometimes the riskiest outfits are the best ones.”