STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black and White With a Twist

Who doesn’t love a classic silhouette in classic colors? You can never go wrong with clean cut clothes, especially in black and white. A black and white outfit is timeless. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving a timeless look a face lift. Whether it’s adding a unique texture, a splash of color or an interesting accessory, there are so many ways you can play with a classic look.

I love what this Fashionista did to spice up the typical A-line skirt and shirt pairing. Sticking to the theme of black and white, she adds a floral pattern to her look. The floral crop top ends right as the skirt begins, allowing a little skin to show at times but still keeping the look classy. The high-waisted, all-white mini skirt is then met with the perfect pair of classic black booties. The Fashionista finishes her look with small bronze jewelry and her hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail. As a result, her look stays very clean, cute and of course, classic.

This Fashionista is ready for her day of work in retail. The black and white keeps her look classy, but with her cropped top, she still remains fashionable and sassy. Not only looking perfect for her job, she is also dressed for wherever the night may take her afterwards. A timeless look with a twist can take you far!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love a classic silhouette and then just adding some fun patterns. My other favorite thing to do is pair a cropped shirt with a skirt!