STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Black and White With a Little Bit of Red

Although summertime is here, that doesn’t mean you have to hide away all the black in your wardrobe. Black is always in style! It’s chic, sophisticated and can be fit into everyone’s personal style. Although I am a huge fan of color, black and white can be just as interesting and detailed. A look like this will never go out of style. Although it is edgy and fashion-forward, it remains classic and sophisticated. The beauty of a simple white T-shirt dress like this is that it can be worn many different ways, which is why it makes for the perfect outfit!

This Fashionista took a basic white T-shirt dress and layered it with a black tank top underneath and cool pair of shoes to create a edgier look. With an outfit that contains mostly neutrals, it is important to create interest with the details in your outfit such as your shoes, accessories and style of clothing. This Fashionista nailed it through her layering, makeup and accessories. My two favorite aspects of this look were her shoes and sunglasses. They were basic and comfortable, but they were also very trendy and edgy. They really showed her personal style while completing the look.

Her hair and makeup were simple and accented the outfit perfectly. The red lips added her pop of color and they really stood out in the black and white outfit. Her accessories included a long simple necklace with layered colored bracelets on her wrist. The bracelets were colorful and made the outfit fun and unique. Her accessories were the perfect offset to her outfit and completed the look.

No matter what the occasion, black and white are always considered the “safe choice.” However, the test of a true Fashionista is how well you can take basic colors and turn them into a stylish and trendy look. This Fashionista clearly knows how to dress according to her style and put together the perfect black and white outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear clothes that represent your personality and don’t be afraid to be unique and different with your style!”