Feeling the hot breeze and sunshine on your face is what the average person expects out of their summer days. Then there are the thrill-seekers, the people who break out their riding pants and motorcycle for an afternoon drive. Nothing says “bad boy” more than a pair of lace-up biker boots and slicked back hair. This Fashionisto is working the basic biker necessities in a super stylish way.

When riding a motorcycle, wearing long pants is always the safest because they prevent you from not only sun and wind burns, but being scalded by the exhaust of your bike. Your legs are vulnerable, so why not protect them with something trendy? Black skinny jeans look edgy and sharp. They also pair nicely with anything: a leather jacket, a button down or a plain T-shirt. This Fashionisto added some color to his look with a blue three-quarter length graphic shirt. Let’s also note his ring, which is a bold fashion statement for men and really ties in with the black jeans. The leather biker boots add an urban feel to the outfit although keep it classy by channeling your inner James Dean when pairing a T-shirt and leather articles as it looks sophisticated and effortless.

Although this Fashionisto’s look is relatively simple, it makes a big statement. Not only is it trendy, but it reflects his personality and hobby. It’s also versatile in a sense that he can be safe and comfortable on his bike, but also look great when he reaches his destination. If you have a passion, try working it into your daily wear and let your style represent who you are.

What is you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be yourself and be proud of it. Express yourself through what you wear and be bold.”