If you’re anything like me, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably faced a moment in your life where you were going out with friends or even just shopping around town and you didn’t totally love what you had on.  You may have wanted to spruce up a casual outfit with a statement piece, but you didn’t want to look too bold in doing so.  Well, fear no more!  There are plenty of ways to be stand-out-chic without looking over the top, and one way to do this is by adding a nice leather jacket to complete your look!

When thinking about how to take your casual look to the next level, try adding a nice leather (or faux leather) jacket and see what you think.  The best part about this look is that you don’t have to go to a basic leather jacket like you may feel normally inclined to do.  Instead, look for a jacket that has a little bit of color, a pattern or even some patches to individualize your rockin’ look.

If you still feel unsure of how to piece together your look, use this Fashionista as a guide!  She does a great job of keeping the other elements of her outfit to an underwhelming color/pattern scheme; this will keep your outfit from looking too busy if your jacket as some patches or patterns on it.  This Fashionista simply pairs a casual yet chic slip dress along with the classic Stan Smith shoes in order to keep the jacket as the focal point of the look. I will say, however, this Fashionista’s holographic Stan’s are totally rad and could be used as a focal point in several other instances as well.  To wrap it all up, this Fashionista adds one simple piece of handmade jewelry ties the whole look together.  So, maybe give this idea a try next time you need some inspiration!  Who knows, maybe you look better in leather.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Have your own style and create your look, but don’t be afraid to take a step outside your comfort zone to mix it up and keep fashion fun!”