Style Advice of the Week: Best of Both Worlds

There is one thing about fashion that leaves room for experimenting, and that is the ability to mix together pieces that are polar opposites. Opposites attract in many ways in order to create the balance of the yin yang. This comes in handy when styling an outfit because you can play around with opposite colors, textures and cuts. My personal favorite combination is taking a very vintage and classic neutral outfit and pairing it with a bold, colorful lip!

This Fashionista took the concept of mixing and matching to a whole new level by creating a harmony throughout her outfit. She decided to opt for a two-piece set but alternated the colors. Her crop top is a very soft, warmed toned pink while the textured mini skirt is a pale, cool toned blue. Her clutch is a cool toned beige color that incorporated fringe (a very bohemian twist to her outfit) with the same hue shoes.

My favorite part of the whole look is the silver details on her nails, the armband and the flash tattoo! These little details juxtapose the soft, neutral vibes of the other pieces. In this case, mixing silver and chrome details with organic and “earthy” pieces needs to be played around with more. I just absolutely love that concept and this Fashionista dominated the look. Anyone can manage to make combinations like this by pairing pieces that you would not usually put together. Like ABBA’s song says, “Take A Chance On Me,” but in this case take a chance on fashion!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would say to just go shopping a lot. I really love to just go to my favorite stores and search for great pieces to put together.”