STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Believe in Bralettes

Every Fashionista knows the struggle of a backless shirt or dress. What if wherever you are going is blasting the AC and you do not have a bra on? What if it is super humid outside and your sticky bra starts slipping off? Just because something is backless does not mean you have to go braless.

I stopped this Fashionista on the beach to capture her cute back details. She decided that going braless on a windy afternoon at the beach was probably not the best idea, so she put on a strappy bralette that saved her from adjusting her shirt all night. She chose a classic Free People bralette that is available in every color of the rainbow. I recommend that everyone owns one of these to solve your backless shirt problems. It is thin and strappy so that when you wear it with a shirt it does not make your look too hectic or busy. You do not want the bra to take away from the outfit; you want it to add to it. The Fashionista paired her backless top and bralette combination with destroyed denim that makes for a cute day-to-night look. Her back details are the highlight of her look and would not be possible without the backless top.

Backless tops are also an excuse to show off your favorite bralettes. It is always a disappointment when you wear a beautiful bralette and all you can see is the straps. These days, many stores and brands are selling bralettes. My top three favorite places to purchase them would have to be For Love and Lemons, Free People and Urban Outfitters. Each of these companies offers a variety of bralette styles that you would want to make visible for sure. Visible intimates have not always been socially acceptable, but now that they are it is important to know how to wear them!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Don’t wear your bralettes as shirts, but definitely wear them with something that is backless or low in the front to flaunt them.”