STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Beauty School Drop Out

Some of the most popular looks these days are ones that originate from past days. If history repeats itself, it’s only natural that fashion will too. I don’t think many of us are complaining either. Fashion from previous decades can be refreshing in a world full of here and now.

The ‘50s was an era filled with so many amazing things like sock hops, drive-in theaters, the beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll, the hand jive and Elvis Presley. There’s so much to learn from all the iconic people and events from this era, and it doesn’t stop at political lessons. These people were overflowing with inspiration, and it shows through their unique fashions. My personal favorite trend happens to be horn-rimmed glasses. This Fashionisto looks like he could have walked straight off the set of Grease with his classic vintage inspired eyewear. Check out how he rocks his ‘50s-inspired glasses by accentuating them with a similarly retro outfit.

He’s wearing a basic light teal shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark wash cuffed jeans with a blue flannel shirt tied around the waist. This simple ensemble reflects the ‘50s in the most modern way because of his new-age smart watch and trendy hairstyle. He accessorized with some blue suede shoes even Elvis would be jealous of. This outfit is really the perfect compromise of contemporary and vintage. Don’t be afraid to wear what makes you happy. Go out there and make Elvis proud.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Wear what you think looks cool; having a dog always helps.”