As seasons change, so do styles. When the summer months hit and bring along the heat waves with them, everyone shifts and modifies their style for the warmer, more casual season. One trend, however, that translates perfectly from the chills of the winter to the scorching heat of the summer is the bohemian style. Boho style still happens in the summer; even if it’s too hot for print leggings and oversized sweaters, you can easily transition into beautiful prints and strappy sandals.

When thinking about this trend, I think about how it has evolved over the past fifty-odd years and how it has become such an integral part of style today. The fringe suede jackets and bell-bottom pants of the 1960s have developed into the gladiator sandals and circle sunglasses of today. Much of today’s version of the bohemian style is based around the the bold exotic prints that the clothing holds and can be found in a variety of cuts. Whether it be a wide brimmed hat, or a flowy maxi skirt the bohemian style is a summer staple.

This Fashionista channels the classic summer style in a fun, carefree way in this beautiful blue romper. Her perfectly simple ensemble channels the hippie vibe of the ’60s with its angel sleeves that adds the perfect amount of flow and movement to this boldly printed romper. Simple navy Vans and boho-inspired jewelry pull this comfortable summer look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to bust out the bold prints and colors in the summer. You can wear all your favorite black clothes later but embrace those sunny vibes while you can”