STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Beautiful Bohemian

August 26th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Beautiful Bohemian

Here in Michigan, we experience all the ups and downs of every season. Summer, however, can be the worst—the heat and humidity makes it extremely difficult to transition the best fall pieces to spring and summer. So, when I spotted this Fashionista bravely wearing beautifully patterned leggings on a sunny day, I needed to ask her about it!

Her leggings were even more stunning up close. They allowed her to pull off a casual look while looking put together and not boring. The colors stood out against the other neutrals of her outfit (the natural green shirt, the nude sandals) and made the outfit extremely versatile. Usually, one would think leggings are a bold choice to wear smack in the middle of summer, but in actuality, they’re a practical piece that can easily be overshadowed by denim shorts and flowing maxi skirts. Patterned leggings are a good option because they tend to be quite thin, allowing the breathable fabrics to keep you cool. Plus, with all the intriguing patterns, it’s an easy formula for an outfit: leggings, basic top, layered necklaces and your favorite sandals.

To top it all off, her amazing vintage leather purse ties in perfectly with the outfit. Again, it is a neutral piece to allow the colors and prints on her leggings to stand out, so the outfit isn’t overwhelming or out of place in whatever activities the busy Fashionista has on her plate for the day. Especially in college, it’s great to have pieces like this purse because it easily transitions from day to day and allows the rest of your outfit to shine through and draw focus to the more intricate details!

Long story short, she found a combination that is both casual and interesting, comfortable and versatile. Throwing on a leather jacket for going out in the evening is a simple change, accommodating the fluctuating temperatures, and the pattern of the leggings is still the star of the show!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When I’m going for comfort and versatility, I always try to pick one article that has a lot of detail to dress up my look then pair it with my favorite basics to keep it casual.”