STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bearing The Heat In Style

Since it is summer in Brazil, my post is all about hot weather. I am the kind of person that only likes warm temperatures when I am on vacation, preferably somewhere that has a beach. Otherwise, I am happy with cold climates. It does not have to snow or anything, but I should definitely feel the need to carry a sweater. I find this to be a shared opinion between Fashionistas. I mean, which would you rather: Wear a trench coat that makes you warm and stylish, or a skirt that sticks to your sweaty body, making you look skimpy or highlighting your imperfections?

Nonetheless, since every rule has an exception, this Fashionista is the “but” to my cold climate theory. In nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, she was able to pull off a stylish outfit. I was so obsessed with her look that I even crossed the street sprinting, afraid I would not be able to photograph her. The floral dress she had on was from Farm, the same brand of the dress I was wearing in one of my STYLE GURU STYLE articles! (this one). What I like about this Fashionista is that the one piece hugs her stomach, but has a loose top. The combination of the details are very slimming. Plus, the pleated bottom gives the dress an elegant touch.

Her accessories also played an important role. I loved how she used aviator sunglasses, a classic model that I hold near and dear. She also opted for a neutral purse and espadrilles, leaving all the attention to her dress. Perfect!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “This floral dress could be used day or night. It goes with any kind of shoe: high heels, flats, combat boots…However, if you choose to wear the outfit at night, trade in the shoulder bag for a clutch.”