How many English lovers are digging the alliteration in that title? Yes, me too. I’ve found a Fashionista sporting the perfect combo of my two favorite winter items. How could we ever survive the colder days (and even the warmer ones) without a trusty pair of combat boots and a cozy beanie? Well, we just couldn’t.

It’s hard to pull off a beanie. I’m not going to lie. Between keeping it properly placed on your head and avoiding a wind disaster, things can get tricky. However, there are those people who are just good at these things, never even thinking about a “wind disaster.” Cue this Fashionista. Her navy beanie coordinates well with her shirt and boots. She knows how to keep the consistency but also how to add a little variation.

As I have said many times before, I dig the whole “sweater wrapped around your waist” look. I’m surprised I haven’t dubbed this simple trend “The Mallory” or something by now. Another thing I really love about this look is the use of neutral colors. This translates well overall. Although the combat boots are also neutral, I like how she ditched the black boots and white T-shirt for the opposite. It’s a minimal and effective look for a long day of classes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “There are so many ways to play with just a basic T-shirt. Grab some accessories to dress up a plain going to class look. It is super easy. Plus, it will make you feel a lot more confident walking around campus.”