Now that it has finally begun to feel like the season we’ve been in for a couple of weeks, we wonder what are the appropriate accessories to rock when it has finally hit below 50 degrees. Sure, we can purchase a great pair of leather gloves and show them off, but what will really make a statement is a beanie.

When I think of a hat that is meant to worn in the winter, I think of an article of clothing that is functional. It’s sole purpose being to keep our heads and ears warm. This hat lacks pom-poms, some fur or any vibrant colors; it’s just a plain, solid knit hat. The evolution of winter hats has truly taken a turn. There are so many different styles of winter hats and even headbands these days. Each winter hat style possess its own originality by having a signature flare that gets each shopper hooked and interested in purchasing it. If you go shopping in any of the department stores, like Bloomingdales or Macy’s, the surplus of hats you can choose from is overwhelming,

So how does one spice up their outfit for class or just any day? A beanie; and this Fashionista can show you! Rocking a pair of ripped jeans, a tan, a cutout sweater from Free People and a pair of UGGs, this beanie adds that wintery feel to a simple yet trendy outfit. The way this Fashionista is showing off her beanie is just one of many ways you can add a little extra something to any outfit.  Sporting a beanie is perfect for the winter and a fun way to add extra warmth. Even if a big, puffy winter jacket covers your outfit, a beanie can instantly give your look an extra touch of personality.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Regardless if you’re outfit is plain and simple or elaborate with designs and graphics, a beanie can never fail to give the outfit a little more personality and a fun flare.”