There is no denying that winter is here and here to stay. Sure, we haven’t gotten the usual 80 feet of snow, but the brutal negative degree weather doesn’t make it any better. So I thought to myself, “How can I make sure that I keep warm, look hot and look fab?” The answer: beanies. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I am now a self-diagnosed beanie baby!

So why are beanies the best trend for this winter? Well, for starters a beanie can add the extra edge you need to any outfit. You can wear a beanie with a fun pom-pom on the top, a beanie with a cool word, graphic or a furry ball beanie. You can wear a bedazzled one or even a simple one. No matter the occasion, any form of a beanie will give that outfit the fun pop.

I love this Fashionista’s beanie because it is very cohesive with the vest and helps complete the look. The bedazzled beanie makes the look chic but still youthful and fun.

The beanie also complements this Fashionista’s vest, bringing out the brown tones. Thus, the beanie is a multi-faceted accessory.

An added bonus is that beanies keep your ears warm and protect your hair from getting frizzy and ugly in the wind and snow. So basically, what’s not to love about a fashion piece that also protects you from the unfortunate environment we live in.

Ultimately, what makes a beanie stand out is how simple yet cool they are. I can name many celebrities recently featured in magazines rocking a beanie. Beanies give an outfit the cool laid back look we all want to achieve, while still looking trendy, chic, elegant and fun. Furthermore, a beanie is a blessing in disguise and I highly suggest you go grab a few if your lacking them in your wardrobe.

“My advice of the week is that accessories are best utilized when they are simple. They help complete any look. Beanies are simple, but have an elegant complexity to them that many other winter accessories lack. I hope you all jump on the beanie track like I did.”