Hats of all kinds have taken over the world of fashion. From baseball caps to wide brimmed fedoras, hats have become the go-to addition to complete an outfit. The combination of this craze for hats and our entering into the midst of a cold winter leaves us with only one solution: beanies.

Do you ever wake up late with a serious case of bed head and begin to panic? Don’t break a sweat, Fashionistas, for your bad hair day can quickly be fixed by putting on a hat. Hats serve a variety of purposes. They monitor the sun, keep you warm and save you on the days when your hair simply does not want to work with you. Whether it’s to add a unique accent of individuality to the look or to cover up your relentless bed head, beanies have never seemed to let the fashion world down. The evolution of beanies has been a constant creative process. Not only are beanies meant for the cold weather, but they also add the perfect amount of edge to outfits all year round. They can be paired with a comfortable fall sweater or act as an accessory to an easy-going summer look. With the many different styles, there are no restrictions on who can pull off this look.

This Fashionista represents the perfect example of how to finalize a grunge look with the addition of a beanie. The simple black ribbed beanie that she is wearing has the dual function of keeping her warm while also giving her look more character and appeal. The combination of trends that this Fashionista assembled works together flawlessly. She easily dressed up her statement flannel with her warm-colored infinity scarf and edgy beanie. The watch and bracelets that she is wearing are small accessories that add an interesting pop of color and individuality, making a big impact on the details of the look. With an abundance of colors and styles, a beanie is the perfect way to switch up any outfit and to give you the total look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Say yes to knit! Whether it is a sweater, scarf, hat or socks, knit fabrics are the perfect combination of comfort and style.”