There’s nothing better than that time of the year where you’re reunited with a beach again. That feeling of the white sand in-between your toes and the noise of the waves crashing onto the shore is a hard one to top. Just imagine yourself sitting on that white sandy beach on the shore while your legs and feet get a taste of the ocean, what a great feeling, right? If you have a drink in your hand you’re all set. Now that you’re in that beach mindset, you’ll get a better understanding of this outfit.

When you’re on vacation, any outfit will work. Although, there’s something about vacations on the beach where you’ll want to dress in more “beachy attire”, this Fashionista decided to go with a simple look, but still makes the outfit look good. The tie-dye look is a top hit especially in the summertime. She wears these elastic shorts with a simple gray crop top that easily matches with anything. This outfit could easily be seen walking on the beach watching the sun set, or walking down the pier during the day.

This Fashionista decided to go with simple jewelry to not distract the beauty of the beachy outfit. She accessorized with some silver bangles and a simple silver necklace. She finished off the outfit with some cute white sandals that definitely pull the outfit together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love so many different patterns, especially when wearing them on vacation at the beach! Find a pair of shorts with a cute pattern on them and pair it with a simple solid-colored crop top or tank top and you’ll be ready to hit up the beach!”