It is not everyone’s cup of tea, no. Some love it, some hate it and most have a frustrating love-hate relationship with it. The use of it as clothing can be controversial, but nothing seems to have been able to deter it from being a timeless fashion favorite. It is both bold and classy. It can be edgy or elegant. It is deemed extravagant but not many realize how versatile it is. For most, it is an item acquired after dozens of times walking past the display window and a final decision of splurging. Unfortunately, one statement piece, however small, is enough to get any fashion lover hooked beyond return.

It is fur. And if you can’t tell already, I am a fan of fur.

People are becoming more conscientious about their purchases and choose to stay away from real fur. I understand. Heck, I’m all for animal rights. That does not mean I can give up my love for fur in fashion without putting up a fight. Thus, the option of faux fur becomes a lifesaver. Even then, many are hesitant to commit to an item of fur because of its supposed impracticality. I mean, not all of us have some kind of romantic date or formal gala every night to flaunt our fur coats, right? But friends, who says we can’t wear fur to class? If it pleases us, why not to grocery shopping? What about walking our dogs? There are no laws, so what in the world are we worried about?

Our Fashionista sported this “furbulous” caramel colored fur coat while casually strolling through campus. She toned down the flamboyance with a cozy knit scarf and an all-black bottom pairing. The big buttons added playfulness to the outfit. To make the look even more school appropriate, she wore a casual navy blue backpack. The juxtaposition between the schoolgirl and the “furvent” fashion addict was absolutely flawless. But our Fashionista did not just stop there. She wore a gorgeous deep red lip color with her hair in two cute but edgy buns, both choices unexpected but “furocious.”

If you are thinking about trying out this chic element but cannot yet decide what to begin with, try fur accessories! A pull-through scarf is the perfect fur item for starters. It is dainty, practical for winter weather and screams personality. A fur vest is definitely also a worthy purchase and is capable of being dressed up or dressed down. When you are ready to take the final step with a full on fur coat (when, not if), don’t “furget” that it is totally possible to get plenty of use out of such a statement piece, “fur” real! (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It is definitely possible to dress fashionably when it’s cold. And fur is definitely not something as intimidating as people think.”