Successfully pairing mixed patterns and textures is not an easy feat. In the words of RUN-DMC, “It’s tricky.” Any time I try to mix different patterns, I always fail miserably and end up changing before I leave the house. This Fashionista has mastered a look that I have always wanted to achieve. She fashionably combines a striped skirt with a patterned shirt for a bold look that is interesting and fun.

Combining prints and patterns can make your wardrobe more versatile and also create looks that are intriguing. The mixed patterns worn by this Fashionista are eye-catching and give her outfit an interesting depth. Her look is unique and individualistic—allowing her to stand out in a crowd and express herself.

The muted cardigan and stylish sunglasses make me love her outfit even more. It makes the look comfortable and functional. A cardigan is the perfect addition for those cooler summer days.

Mixed patterns are becoming a consistent and fashionable trend. And since this trend is becoming more popular, more people are also vocalizing their opinions on it. There are a lot of “rules” for how to successfully pull off pattern play. The most important of these rules is to be confident. If you want to wear a leopard print skirt with a striped shirt and floral vest, then strut out the door and own it! Wear what appeals to you and reflects on your personality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Define your own personal style and don’t wear something that you feel uncomfortable in.”