STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Be a Rebel, Mix Seasons

As much as we all love the extensive number of bonfires and hot chocolates to go with our finally mosquito-free nights, winter in Florida does not provide many options for looking trendy while staying warm.

Rummaging through your closet at 8:30 a.m. while your roommate is sleeping is already the most stressful part of any college morning without factoring in trying to decide what to wear. Add below 50-degree weather outside to this hot mess and anyone would want to just give up and settle for the classic sweatshirt and leggings combo.

Finding a way to look stylish in the winter is not easy but I think I found the answer–tights! Beautiful, yet neglected, tights allow any Miami girl reluctant to give up her flowy skirts and print dresses to save their wardrobe from the hands of the cold weather. To my surprise while walking around campus, I barely saw anyone rocking the fashion staple. I came to realize that tights are by far the most underrated winter item on UF campus. But why? Tights do a great job of keeping your legs warm while still allowing you to wear your favorite shorts, skirts and dresses this winter.

This Fashionista pulled off the “mixing seasons” look flawlessly. Wearing winter essentials like a black leather moto-jacket, an oversized scarf and booties allowed her to stay warm but not lose her style. She taps into a summery vibe by pairing her black tights with a multi-colored skort. Her outfit yells “off-duty model” and she doesn’t have to look like an overstuffed marshmallow to stay warm.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of tights! Pair them with an oversized coat and booties to feel just like the effortless models strutting the streets of Milan and New York City. If you’re feeling a little bolder, try tights with cute and funky patterns or even knit ones! It’s never wrong to be a little more daring.”