What’s beachy, boho and basic all over? The answer to that question lies in the hands of this Fashionista’s timeless outfit. In every girl’s closet, one can find a simple maxi skirt and can even stumble across a casual white top, but it is the way these basic pieces are put together that creates a fashion-forward look.

It is the age of boho looks, and this fashion trend is consuming almost all Pinterest boards. Though the trend started off as the “festival look,” it has now evolved into the 2015 summer style that every girl wants. This Fashionista took what looks like your typical pieces and created a look every girl dreams of.

No certain piece of this outfit is predominantly flashy, but the simple aspects of each tie the outfit together perfectly. Starting from the ground up, this Fashionista went with a simple sandal as her shoe and pieced it together with a basic maxi skirt. This look is extremely versatile because the color of both the shoe as well as the skirt doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific one. The simplicity of the look gives you a chance to experiment with what you have in your own closet. Throwing a white crop top on and accessorizing with your favorite bracelets will leave you with a great look, just like this Fashionista!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always love any opportunity to pair my crazy bracelets with any look, especially one that goes so well in the summer season. Keep your outfit simple, and make the look pop with whatever accessories fit you best.”