Spring is right around the corner, and boutiques are pushing neon clothing at consumers. That does not mean dark colors are out the window quite yet. A classic, full black-on-black ensemble never goes out of season and should still have a place in our hearts.

This Fashionista sported a classic all-black outfit for a night out to dinner. She added a little flair to an otherwise simple outfit by opting for a skirt with a leather embellishment, adding a touch of texture. She caught my attention by sporting a lace-detailed top. The detailing runs from shoulder to shoulder and finishes at the neckline with a flashy, gold-and-black statement necklace. To complement the leather detail in her skirt, this Fashionista added a leather clutch; it’s both practical and pretty.

Just because she opted out of the neon trend, it does not mean that this Fashionista has to stick to a monochromatic theme. Her bold, red lipstick is the finishing touch to her classy ensemble. Though she could have opted for a colorful necklace to match her lips, the full black outfit truly enhanced the boldness of the Fashionista’s red lips.

What is you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Deep, dark colors will always be classy and elegant to me. Whether you agree or not, you need to find a style that fits you and your personality. Own it. My personal mantra is, ‘No matter what you wear, a bold lip always completes the outfit.'”