STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ballerina Off-Duty With the Off-Shoulder

Who knew that there could be an in-between with a scoop neck and a tube top? The fashion world certainly knew what they were thinking about when the ballet neck tops were introduced. Most famous with ballerinas, the tight scoop neck top certainly complements the clavicle area of the body when stretching or simply crossing your arms. Available in a more casual light than in the ballerina world, this top is starting to make rounds in casual and dressy outfits with a variety of styles and colors.

As mentioned before, this lovely scoop neck style started within the ballerina world. Ballerinas would pair this top with either a tutu or tights; the scoop necks started becoming popularized in the mid-twentieth century when it generally was known as the boat neck cut. The style became more known when the off-shoulder tops started dying out. Whether cropped, high-low or classic, the ballet neck top is not a disappointment when added to complete an outfit.

I decided to channel my inner ballerina by pairing a simple black ballet neck top with a coral high-low skirt and black heels. My Fashionista look was inspired when I decided to try to put such a gorgeous complement of the clavicles in my life. I also used to opportunity of the top to show off a gorgeous necklace. The skirt complemented the top as I was inspired of the wrap-around the ballerinas would tie around their waist when they wanted to just practice without a full-on tutu. This look was completed by a classy pair of black heels to mirror the off-duty dance look I was aiming for.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus was to show off clavicles. I love the ballet neck top because it’s a little flirty with that area and it complements my best feature!”