Basketball jerseys are a great way to show team spirit. Wearing a jersey is showing off the pride you have for your team to the world, literally on your sleeves. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to carry you throughout the day, and their vibrant, different colors attract various different Fashionistas/os. We are long past the times when sports jerseys were only for guys. Girls are using them as a major statement piece in their outfits.

This Fashionista looks like she can go from the basketball court to the runway in seconds. She is sporting an official men’s oversized Bulls basketball jersey. The bright red jersey matches her stunning red lips. She chose to add her own style by throwing on her athletic striped thigh-high socks and her comfy platform sneakers. She accessorized with her simply classic Michael Kors purse.

The most important part about an outfit like this is balance. If you don’t balance your outfit, things can go real tacky, real fast. This Fashionista stayed within the same color scheme—red, white and black. She followed this theme from her lip color to her platforms, which is why the outfit looks so effortless. Something as simple as a different lip color or different shoes could have thrown off the whole look. This is why balance is essential in every outfit, and this Fashionista mastered it with this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Match everything. Match your hair to your clothes and your clothes to your shoes. Match everything!”