STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to the Basics

We are always trying to stand out in the crowd, wearing unique outfits that show personality and what we like. “Basic” gradually became the word for a lack of individuality. However, this Fashionista proved that when mixing basic items, you are not so basic.

This Fashionista’s “basic” outfit starts with a black hat with ear flaps. Black is a good color to match with anything. Even more, the ear flaps add to the cuteness factor. They are especially suitable for shorter girls. She chose a cooler color for her coat and chose light cyan for the sweater to bring freshness to her look. There isn’t any pattern on the sweater, but just the combination of two colors is basic and simple. What stands out is her shirt underneath the sweater. Although it is a plaid shirt with only red and black, it is not simple when worn under her sweater.

The tight black pants follow the rule that black goes with everything. Black, as a classy and sophisticated color, plays its role once again. So when it comes to work boots, the magic happens when the tan color meets black. It is the most old fashioned way to wear work boots and its popularity is still thriving.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The word ‘basic’ to many people means straight and simple, but not insipid; wear more basic clothes and you will find the specialty in it.”