STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back-to-School Basics

As the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching, so are cool nights of Michigan weather that warrant for warm accessories and fall colors. In contrast with the recent unbearably hot days that we’ve been experiencing here in the mitten, this Fashionista encountered an unusually cold evening that we are sure to see more of as we head into August and the fall. Her look shows us how we can transition from hot summer days to cool study-filled nights at college with her trendy ensemble. To handle the cooler temperatures, she paired a lot of basic layers with a few great accessories to pull her look together and still keep things school-appropriate.

The first great thing about this outfit that will really make it work come fall is the simple color palette, which keeps her from looking as though she is trying too hard to transition. Her cashmere sweater and scarf from Neiman Marcus show a great way to move into autumn basics, as jumping too far into fall fashions would be inappropriate when I’m sure there’s still plenty of ultra-hot days ahead of us. Black and white is also almost never a bad idea when you want to keep things basic yet sophisticated, and the way that this Fashionista avoided cliché colors like deep reds and greens will help her standout among other returning students. This simple color palette also allowed her gorgeous shoes and statement accessories to stand out even more. Her amazing brown Vince Camuto leather boots give her the little bit of fall color that she needs, without seeming overwhelming for an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Their over-the-knee style and studded detail make these shoes right on trend and perfectly balance the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. Finally, to add just a touch of color to her ensemble, she added a bright red hamsa bracelet along with a classy Movado watch to really finish the look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To avoid looking cheesy when fall fashion hits, keep things simple by avoiding a cliché color palette and focusing on nice accessories!”