Personality statements can be made in a multitude of ways this back to school season, even literally on your back! Accessorizing with a RAD backpack can show just the right amount of flair to any walk across campus this semester.

This Fashionisto’s buttons and exaggerated stitch work were quintessential to completing his vintage, punk funk look. The tan leather detailing contrasted against the black fabric on this stylistically advanced book carrier is worthy of turning heads. Adding flair like that can display anything from causes you care for to artists you listen to, letting all who walk behind you know that you definitely mean business.

To complete his look, our Fashionisto opted for a minimalistic black on black T-shirt, cuffed denim and boots combo. He then tastefully added on an oversized light denim button-up to add a friendlier, laid back vibe to his dark, grunge mix. His rust glasses not only added another bright element but brought out the leather in his backpack strap.

The beauty of this particular look is that Fashionistas can emulate it as well. If a more feminine feel is desired, I would suggest swapping the T-shirt and denim duo out for a casual black dress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You need to find what works for you. Look at people that inspire you, search online or go through look books, just find what makes you comfortable. I recommend thrift shopping for sure, especially on a student’s budget. You can find some pretty cool things for a couple bucks and make them your own style.”