It’s officially the season for white pants and bright floral sundresses. That’s not to say we have to banish our dark clothing to the back of our closet, though. This Fashionista shows that we most certainly can wear black and still look amazing throughout these summer months. The forever-chic all-black uniform can indeed be worn in warmer weather, in a totally non-goth, still-cool way. Take a look at this Fashionista’s outfit to learn how you can rock this dark-hued cool casual style—which I’m a huge fan of, by the way—all summer long.

She tucked her simple, striped top into her destroyed skinny jeans to start the look. If you don’t feel like buying a whole new pair of summer-ready destroyed jeans, you could attain this look by taking a pair of the many black pants you wore throughout winter and cutting a hole in one knee. She chose tan suede booties which brighten the outfit up a bit. Her edgy jacket is definitely the foundation of the look, adding just enough biker-chic to the look without going over the top. The overall outfit is pretty simple and not reliant on lots of accessorizing, but her jade Buddha necklace does just enough to personalize the look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to develop my style by utilizing very basic pieces. There’s nothing crazy about my top, jeans or jacket, but when styled together and with my jade necklace and suede booties added in, my personal flair comes out.”