January 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

Lately, it seems like everyone wants to dethrone black from its reign as the perfect neutral shade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge proponent of gray and navy: they’re fresh takes on neutral palettes and mix beautifully with other colors. Despite the fact that the canon of “neutrals” expands almost every season, some Fashionistas seem to recognize the enduring power of classic black pieces. Take, for example, Jennifer Aniston. Almost never condemned by fashion critics, she has taken black along for the red carpet ride ever since her starring role on Friends. New cuts, fabrics, textures and designers have allowed Aniston to keep her favorite neutral tone fresh over the years. This week’s Fashionista also nails this skill, proving that black can be incredibly trendy time and time again.

On paper, a black skirt and sweater don’t seem like a new and exciting pair. However, this Fashionista takes them beyond typical, into a truly trendy realm. Layering the chunky black knit over a simple T-shirt adds some extra dimension to the look. The Fashionista’s asymmetrical mini skirt amps up the outfit’s femininity and keeps it from looking too boxy. Additionally, the contrasting textures demonstrate that wearing one color doesn’t necessarily eliminate variations.

Black’s simplicity is the perfect backdrop for some favorite pieces! As for accessories, little bits of shine and trendiness highlight this Fashionista’s look. While her booties and sunglasses are also black, intricate mesh and gold detailing demonstrate savvy styling. They keep her look eye-catching, yet laid back and cool. Layers of simple necklaces and braided bracelets also give the look extra sophistication.

As Fashionistas everywhere turn to laid back Birkenstocks, simple oversized T-shirts and baggy boyfriend jeans, minimalism may signal a rediscovered appreciation for black. This Fashionista, along with the laudable likes of Jennifer Aniston, has stayed faithful all along. Rather than seeing black as boring or overdone, it’s time to fall back in love with fashion’s old favorite hue.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Black’s so comfortable! You can’t go  wrong, and I think that’s an easy way to trust your look. Accessories jazz it up too!”