For even the most stylish of Fashionistas, there has come a time for us all when we cannot find an outfit to wear. Whether it’s time to do the laundry, you just can’t find your favorite top or you have simply exhausted all options, nothing fills the heart of a Fashionista with dread more than being unable to find the perfect outfit of the day. If only getting dressed was as easy as having a virtual computer log with all of your best outfits like Cher Horowitz, then finding the right ensemble would be a piece of cake each time!

Though such technology does not exist (yet), there is one simple tip that I have always found to be useful when I find myself overthinking my wardrobe: When all else fails, go back to the basics. It is essential for every wardrobe to have basic, timeless pieces for instances like these.

Basic pieces such as an A-line skirts and a bodysuit like the one that our Fashionista is wearing are examples of utilizing these classic pieces to their fullest potential. She keeps the look clean by keeping the color palette black and white, adding visual interest to the ensemble through the details. The ribbed, off-the-shoulder bodysuit with a centered cutout detail turns the concept of the basic bodysuit on its head by making it daring and sexy. To complement the bodysuit, she pairs it with a flowy, white A-line skirt that features a black grid print. The Fashionista completes the look with a red wallet clutch and a matching red lip to give her look a fun and flirty pop of color.

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep my style pretty simple, but without sacrificing style. I always look for basic pieces with small and interesting details to bring my outfits to life.”