Have you ever looked into your closet at a sea of clothing and thought that you don’t have anything to wear? (I’ve done this countless times!) However, I believe that basic clothing often gets over looked. When basics are worn correctly, they can make a casual, cute outfit. I’ve recently been obsessing over bralettes; they come in every color and there are so many different styles. A simple addition of a bralette can make the entire outfit.

I saw this Fashionista on campus and loved her basic, yet trendy look. She had on ripped boyfriend jeans, a white bralette and a basic tank top. She threw on black Converse All-Stars and a multiple layer necklace. Her look was very ’90s; the outfit is simple causal and chic. She could wear this while out with her friends, to class or to run errands.

Ripped boyfriend jeans, like the one this Fashionista is wearing, are very trendy right now. The more rips, the better and the lighter the wash, the more chic. The fit of boyfriend jeans can be tricky. They are supposed to be loose fitting, so they may not flatter every body type. These types of jeans are a lot more causal than dark wash, not ripped jeans. As for the Converse All-Stars, I am so glad they are in style again. They are sporty and maybe even a little tomboy; however, they are comfortable and cute!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Next time you can not find anything to wear, take a look at your basics; there could be a cute outfit waiting.”