Great style always starts somewhere, and you can always find new inspiration by returning to the classic bones of your wardrobe.  With the right amount of confidence and the right accessories, a white shirt becomes a uniform for a well-dressed fashion crusader.  Neutral colors like white, grey, navy and khaki can highlight clean, structured lines of button-downs and slim-fit shorts (and not to mention show off your fresh new summer tan). Keeping your look simple and avoiding pretentious items, also highlights your wit, charm and charisma, as your outfit doesn’t distract from your punch lines.  Classic, preppy accessories like boat shoes or aviator sunglasses polish off this clean aesthetic, suitable for indoor or outdoor events.  For summer purposes, this look can work for interviews, an afternoon on the golf course and sushi dates.

This Fashionisto celebrates this classic aesthetic of clean structured lines and neutral colors with his khaki shorts and white button-down shirt. Feeling confident enough to take a driver’s license photo in this outfit, he conveys his sophistication by keeping the color palette light and neutral.  Darker grey boat shoes echo the silver of his Ray-Ban sunglasses and his black leather watch, adding an element of contrast. Long sleeves with buttons make this shirt perfect for all sorts of unpredictable weather, typical for Michigan.

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you want to look your best, going back to your basics can make you look nice and leave room for your personality.  Keep it simple with white and khaki, and don’t forget, white shirts make your smile look white!”