How is it possible to actually stand out from the leggings, The North Face and knee-high boots wearing population of campuses across America? What exactly does it take to stand out from the typical college student? Taking basics and turning them into something new and exciting can refresh a dull winter look and turn it into something that will make heads turn while walking across campus.

To be caught in this type of weather without a decently heavy jacket may be risky, but this Fashionista risks it for a chance to show off her outfit. With sweater weather still in the air, this Fashionista pairs her simple cream colored tank top with a purple cardigan in order to spice up a typical girl on the move look. By adding a unique color of boots to the mix, this Fashionista found a way to take on the snow in style.

Basics run pretty cheap in most popular stores but some of the most classic pieces include tank tops, V-neck T-shirts, denim and neutral sweaters. Without some of these pieces, it becomes difficult to properly style looks to a point where comfort is equivalent to beauty. Basic jewelry pieces such as statement necklaces, small scale rings or even simple studs add a little shine against snowy backgrounds.

When it comes to picking the perfect accessories for a winter wonderland look, this Fashionista added few details to such as a white floral statement necklace and a patterned belt. Jeans add additional comfort and functionality to this Fashionista’s completed look. Simple hair and makeup brighten up the outfit as a whole.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Don’t forget to show a little of your own style in all of your outfits this winter! If the weather gets too cold to ditch the hat and gloves, add a personal touch to those winter accessories as well!”