“I own too much black,” said no one ever. If you have heard someone say that, they were probably really trying to say that they are so tired of trends featuring any other color than black. I stand proudly behind my overwhelming black wardrobe because black is a universally flattering shade and pairs well with any other color. More importantly, wearing all black is undeniably empowering and adds a sense of sophistication and mystery to a look.

This Fashionista choose wisely when donning this head-to-toe black ensemble. The main focus of her outfit goes straight to her Rolling Stones T-shirt, a garment just as timeless as the band. Fun fact: this shirt is actually a men’s shirt and this Fashionista wore it better than any guy could, (maybe Zac Efron could compete). It adds a rock-and-roll touch to a very minimalistic outfit and really lets her carefree attitude shine through. Besides, how can you not love The Rolling Stones tongue and lip logo on the back?

She paired the top with a classic pair of black denim jeans that she cuffed at the ankle for a subtle detail that adds interest to the look. She maintains a minimalistic touch throughout the outfit with her peep toe flats that have open sides. This look features the accessory I won’t leave the house without, a watch! This Fashionista’s watch features a brown leather strap that pops out from the black but keeps the color palette of the whole look neutral.

Fashionsitas and Fashionistos everywhere will be back in black, time and time again. Though vibrant fuchsia and sea-themed blues may seem like the go-to palette this summer, I assure you your any garment, whether it be the trendy longline T-shirt or classic favorite jeans, will have much more longevity.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t wear something just because it is trendy. If you want your style to really shine, you have to feel what you’re wearing, no matter how relevant it is to what other people are wearing.”