STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Baby It's Cold Outside

Buying books, struggling to find classrooms and missing the bus. It’s that time of year again people: the start of the spring semester. For some students who attend class in the warmer states, your only worries are to make it to class on time. For us who must commute in -3000 degree weather, it’s a very different story! Lugging a heavy backpack full of supplies along with a puffy jacket and boots so heavy you can barely lift your legs, it can be rather difficult to show off your style.

So how can one make freezing fashionable? This Fashionista knows the perfect tricks! Her thick Michael Kors coat helps fight off the chilly wind and allows her fashionable flare to shine through. With this stylish coat, she looks put together with little effort! She has decided to wear her vintage brown combat boots from DSW. These boots are not only adorable but they also keep her toes warm and toasty as she journeys to class on the frosty ground. These two items alone can make any dreary walk or bus ride to class a little more stylish!

Even in the dead of winter, there is always room for accessories! This Fashionista has thrown on a pair of black Marmot gloves, which are also smart touch (gotta love wearable technology, am I right?). My favorite accessory of hers is the bright pink knit scarf. This pop of color not only brightens up her outfit, but the dreary snow clouds as well. Adding one colorful thing to an outfit composed of neutrals really makes a statement! Her last (and since we are students, most important) accessory is her black backpack from The North Face. This durable bag will last for many years and matches almost anything, which makes carrying books not so bad!

Many people dread the cold winter months but with style like this, it may make the cold a little more bearable! Although one may not think of a puffy coat and a pair of boots when contemplating fashion, it is an inevitable style in everyday life. So grab a fun jacket and show off your fashion personality, even through the snowflakes!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Add a pop of color to your dark colored winter wardrobe!”