STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Audrey Would Approve

Class is something that many of us Fashionista/os strive for, especially in this new day and age. Black has an unspoken cool edge to it, and even more cool points if it’s a black on black uniform. Sure, inner beauty is a wonderful thing, but first impressions are very important as well. With this classic all black outfit, your first impression will be one that is remembered. This look is one of pure elegance. Casual and classy all at the same time and, of course, it is black—the perfect summer ensemble.

This Fashionista has paired a ruffled, almost pinafore type of blouse with a simple black origami skirt. Anything ruffle-y will go wonderfully with this outfit. Make sure your blouse has ruffles or something complicated incorporated! The outfit will be too dull without an interesting pattern or construction. Origami skirts are so in right now; they offer that perfect twist to make a classic outfit look new and modern. This skirt adds a bit of excitement to the outfit—a modern Audrey Hepburn if you would. Paired with comfortable sandals this outfit is definitely a go-to. For something more fun and unexpected, just try matching colorful flats to give the outfit a bit of pop: simple and polished.

This Fashionista added a structure kate spade bag to finish off the look, in of course the color black. kate spade has awesome simple bags that pull outfits together yet are very well-made and good quality. For a summer chic look, add a white hat to the mix for head to toe elegance.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to go for head to toe black during summer! It has a quiet edge and mystery to it, and obviously elegance. Try to channel your inner Audrey!”