It is freezing. I might sound a little dramatic to some of you, but this is actually happening. The “Arctic Cold” is a thing, and it is coming. However, in my personal non-meteorologist opinion, it has been here for a few days. I know people from the North are reading this and laughing, but I promise it is actually that bad. Granted, it is probably colder there, but you get the point. We are warm-natured people who live for summer days. So, while the rest of you Ole Miss students are still on winter break, there is your weather report from Oxford. Enjoy your last week of vacation, really, I mean it. However, despite the below freezing temperatures, there are still some of us strolling along the square. Let’s get a round of applause for this Fashionista. You survived the 22 degrees we shot these photos in. The outtakes of this mini shoot are full of hand-warming and shivers.

I love the relax factor of this look. It is great for sprinting around the square after working out or doing Pure Barre like this gal. She sure does know the power of a puffer jacket. Not only does it look cute and pair with just about anything, but it also keeps you warm for the not so warm days. My next favorite part of this look is the pulled-up socks; the trend that won’t go away, but I am okay with that. However, perhaps the most important accessory is the scarf. I would have froze yesterday without my own scarf. This one is not just keeping her warm, but looking pretty trendy in the process. I give it double points for warmth and style.

So, if you are sitting at home wondering what to pack before heading back, I advise many jackets and scarves. These will be vital. How else will you combat the freezing wind while walking to class? Hopefully, my next post will be a little warmer. Until then, bundle up!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always try to look cute, even when it is below freezing outside!”