Winter in Wisconsin usually means lots of snow, wind and freezing temperatures. Luckily for us, this winter hasn’t been so terrible. But it isn’t winter unless there’s at least one big snowstorm and this past week we experienced it. With the frozen snow stuck to the ground and the cold, bitter winds hitting your face, you better know how to bundle up or you will freeze.

Snow boots are a must have if you’re planning on going outside anytime soon. When you hear the word “snow boot” you might think of clunky, Velcro-strapped boots that your dad has. But thankfully snow boots have evolved greatly over the years. Now you can buy boots that are fashionable and won’t ruin your outfit. And since we’re on the topic of boots, I think I should discuss the decline of UGG boots. In middle school and high school, UGG boots were the go-to boot for winter. They were warm and practically every girl in the school had them. But once you enter college you will notice the decrease of UGGs. They’re just not a practical winter boot. Yes, they’re extremely warm but try walking to class in them and you will regret it. They aren’t waterproof so your feet will end up wet and salt and dirt from the ground will leave stains all over them. So I think it’s to move on from UGG boots and upgrade to a pair of actual snow boots.

So for a complete winter outfit, I would pair the snow boots with a long parka. This will help cover your legs from the cold and shield your body from the wind. I really like the parka pictured above because of the olive green color. I see so many people with black parkas so I think this color really stands out and makes the jacket unique. I would then top your outfit off with a warm scarf and gloves. You never know how important these things are are until you have snow falling down your coat and your fingers are so cold you can’t move them.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I hate when I’m walking to class and I accidentally step in a puddle of slush and get my feet all wet. Then I have to sit through a whole class with wet feet. That’s the worst thing about winter. So my biggest advice is to go buy boots that are waterproof and will keep your feet warm!”