STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Always Carry Your Kimono

It’s crazy what warmer weather can do for your mood and appearance. I’ve noticed many Fashionistas/os out on campus rocking spring apparel. My favorite thing is to see what trends are new this season and old favorites from previous seasons.

An old favorite trend that was popular last spring and summer was the kimono. But, one great thing about fashion is that a trend can be popular and evolve over the year, which is the case with the kimono. I love this Fashionista’s boho-inspired, casual look. Her kimono looks effortlessly chic. The colors are perfect for spring because they aren’t too bold or bright, which is great if you want to wear this throughout spring, summer and fall.

When wearing a kimono, it’s important to look for the basics like your favorite pair of denim and a plain top. This Fashionista’s choice of a white T-shirt and skinny jeans keeps her outfit simple, which makes the kimono the focal point of her look. Her brown boots tie in with the mustard and navy blue hues in her kimono.

Another great element of this Fashionista’s outfit is her jewelery. I love that she has a mix of different styles from her rings to her stacked necklaces. If you want a simple way to complete your look, fun jewels can pull your look together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The most important thing to me is comfort. If I’m comfortable in what I wear, then I carry myself better and have a better demeanor that day. To me, fashion is all about confidence and feeling good in what you wear.”