When it comes to the fashions of 2015, almost anything goes. Fringe (everywhere—from our shoes to our jackets), overalls, ponchos (holy throwback) and one of my favorites: a shirt tied around the waist. Back in the ’90s, plaid flannel shirts were the “it” accessory—a trend that topped the charts. People didn’t just wear them over their outfits to keep warm; they wore them around their waists as a fashion statement. This trend has lasted throughout the years and today we don’t wear just plaid flannels around our waists. We wear all different styles of button-ups—polka-dot, chambray, embellished jackets—even sweatshirts!

Chambray is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. It can be woven to appear dressy or casual, depending on how tight the weave is. In this case, this Fashionista has chosen a looser-weave chambray that has a bit of a slouchy, gauzy appearance. This form of chambray is better suited for casual wear. She executed the look perfectly: a solid white shift dress, knot-detailed sandals and natural hair. To add the finishing touch, she tied her relaxed chambray shirt around her waist. In doing so, this Fashionista has created a waistline for a rather straight-cut dress. This also contributes to the laid back look she is going for.

This outfit would be perfect for going out for lunch or even hitting up the local mall! If you get chilly, you have your button up shirt to untie and wear over your dress. We all know how it is during the summer: it’s boiling outside, but once you get indoors, it’s freezing!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Cinch anything at the waist for instant body definition!”