A skirt is a very versatile article of clothing that is a staple in any season and for any occasion. This Fashionista makes quite the fashion statement by taking a twist on this classic look. The embroidered florals in her skirt create a unique, yet posh look. By keeping the rest of her outfit a consistent black, our attention goes directly to the main element.

A classic black outfit makes this Fashionista’s embroidered skirt stand out, especially with the addition of a leather bomber jacket for a mixture of textures. Her jacket and booties complement each other creating an edgier vibe for the look. Similarly, the way she incorporates the beanie, sweater and tights creates a more relaxed, yet unique vibe. All of these elements work nicely together to focus our attention on the main article of clothing, the skirt.

I love the way this Fashionista decided to wear this article of clothing for the colder months. By keeping the black theme consistent, any Fashionista can rock this look in the spring or summer by incorporating light layers. I would recommend tucking in a halter top, lacing up a pair Dr/ Martens, putting on a pair of shades and solid colored cap for the warmer months. A simple statement piece like this embroidered skirt is the perfect element to finish off any outfit. Make sure to keep accessories simple and colors consistent to direct all focus on the main article of the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “New year, new you! Wear bold prints and don’t be afraid to rock it! Pair bold pieces with an edge, like a leather jacket.”