We have all have been in our closet for hours throwing clothes everywhere, digging through every possible pile while trying to find that perfect outfit. I have been there multiple times spending forever looking for an outfit when maybe you had the right outfit and it just needed the right necklace. What I learned to love is adding a unique necklace to the mix, and I have been adding to my collection whenever I catch something beautiful in the store. Big necklaces are trending and are in style for any occasion.

Necklaces are always a great way to spice up any outfit. Stores are especially carrying the chunky necklaces, which go perfect with any solid color. Other necklaces that are trending include long dangly necklaces and layered necklaces. Vanessa Hudgens rocks all sorts of necklaces in many of her looks. When spotted at Coachella, she had a chunky layered white beaded necklace. Necklaces of all colors, material and uniqueness are being added to the fashion world each day. So whether you dress hipster, preppy or chic there are necklaces that match your style perfectly.

Now the question is, how does on wear these crazy necklaces? This Fashionista wore a simple black dress with a fringe necklace. The necklace added funkiness to her look and she complemented the necklace with a chunky leather watch. She wore the perfect amount of accessories with such a busy neckline. Then the Fashionista wore a simple pair of low wedged shoes that wrap around the ankle. When wearing such a funky necklace it is important to not over accessorize. When you wear too much the outfit gets busy and unflattering. She did an amazing job putting together this chic black dress with a hint of Bohemian.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To keep the outfit simple and stylish I always recommend keeping big necklaces with solid colors. Accessories that stand out and then are mixed with floral or any type of busy pattern gets too messy.”