My absolute favorite piece of clothing is a denim jacket. I have three separate ones and if it was possible to wear all three at once with an outfit, I probably would! Unfortunately, the State College weather is holding me back from wearing any denim jacket at all. With temperatures below 10 degrees, I (along with 40,000 other Penn State students) am stuck wearing my heavy, puffy down coat every day in order to make it to class without freezing my butt off. However, while walking to class last week, I came across the ultimate denim jacket on this flawlessly dressed Fashionisto.

My first reaction when I spotted him was, “This boy must be freezing! Once I stopped him and began analyzing his outfit, I found out his denim jacket was as warm and soft as a blanket. Completely sherpa lined, his denim jacket was heavy, toasty and totally practical for the snowy day on campus. Not only was his denim jacket sherpa lined, but he matched it with sherpa-lined duck boots for extra protection against the cold. His cute knit beanie also aided as the final warrior against the temperature. I nearly fainted when he told me he found the boots and the jacket at the local Goodwill in State College!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In my opinion, you can wear anything you want in any temperature. It all just comes down to how you layer or accessorize. This denim jacket may not be my warmest piece of clothing, but with lined boots and a heavy sweater underneath, I’m just as warm as I would be if I was wearing my giant winter coat.”