STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All Black With A Turtleneck

One major theme we’re seeing in fashion right now is either all out versus au naturel. These styles are exposing a pure natural look from the natural wavy hair to the complete other end of the spectrum with a new hair trend making its way to the platform. Who knew that the year 2015 would bring us to the avant-garde of silver hair? Which Fashionistas/os with brave souls are willing to experiment with this ultra bold statement? Style points to you if you do. One thing for sure is that hairstyles are only temporary, but the all-black ensemble and turtlenecks will last forever.

This Fashionista sure caught my eye with her glistening silver-tinted hair. She is right on-trend with her all-black look consisting of a turtleneck, slashed knee jeans and Chelsea booties. She accessorized with silver and black rings which complemented her black clothes and silver hair.

But let’s put the black and silver hair to the side for a moment and further praise how excited I am about the classic turtleneck coming back on trend! It’s that garment that roots back to the 15th century and has always been a go-to for classier dressed ladies who are a little bit older and wiser. Today, the turtleneck is finally returning and being worn by trendy fashion goers in their twenties.

In regards to any style, turtlenecks hold a special recognition of seniority. They have the power of instantly creating a classy vintage reminiscence. They can be worn boho, preppy, classic or black and grunge like this Fashionista wears hers. Turtlenecks are always a flattering fit for whatever the style and occasion may be.

I’m totally in love and constantly inspired with what is trending right now in fashion. It’s all about taking those classic pieces such as turtlenecks and pairing it with a contrasting piece such as a pair of ripped jeans. Whether your style is more boho and into the natural side of things or grunge with go-all-out silver hair like this Fashionista, the underlying theme that brings this idea together is simplicity. The challenge is for every Fashionista/o to find it for their own in one way or another.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re not a big fan of color like myself, all black is always a go-to. It’s simple yet edgy.”