STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All-Black Everything

Matching your outfit piece by piece can sometimes be a hassle, but with the color black it doesn’t matter. Wearing all-black gives you a lot of different options to accessorize and to make the outfit your own. I used to always think that you could not wear the same color for your shirt and your pants but now I know that it is all about how you wear it. All-black outfits usually make a person look as if they tried harder on their outfit than they actually did. It also makes a person look extremely chic. You can accessorize by using the same color, like this Fashionista did in gold, or you can switch it up a bit. You could wear a bright colored scarf, a pair of statement shoes or jewelry that stands out against the black color. Either way, you are going to look effortlessly cool.

This Fashionista decided to wear all-black everything with a gold necklace and gold studded shoes. Her ripped skinny jeans add a bit of grunge to her otherwise chic outfit. She added a big hat and bright red lipstick which together makes the outfit stand out a bit more. Her black purse was the perfect size to fit all the necessities and matched the outfit perfectly. It is important to buy a purse that can go with many different outfits just like this Fashionista has done. That way you don’t need to switch your purse every time you put on an outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always dress like you could be photographed at any moment. Basically, pretend you’re a celebrity or an off-duty model when you pick out your clothes because then you will always look on point with your outfit.”