STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All-Black Everything

The world of fashion is an ever-changing, always innovating, trendy community. As we have seen in the past, trends in fashion come just as easily as they go. In our most recent generation, fashion has seemed to lean towards minimalism, monotone colors and all-white or all-black. Being a college student on a budget is never easy. However, bargain shopping and a good eye for hidden gems can transform any thrift find into a fashion must-have.

While evaluating this trend and its exposure, I give credit to fashion empires such as Zara and H&M. These companies have done an excellent job of incorporating simplicity and minimalism into high fashion. Fashion designers Alexander Wang and Yves Saint Laurent are also catalysts in this trend with their most recent exclusive designs consisting of mainly all-black and all-white attire. This week while sipping on my iced coffee, I spotted this Fashionista and was immediately in awe of her street style simplicity and vibe.

So how does one achieve this look? It’s simple! This Fashionista started with a simple black tank top found at a local Goodwill. (As mentioned earlier in the post, fashion does not have to be expensive! Utilize your local Goodwill and you may be surprised at what all you may find). This Fashionista continues her look by rocking a pair of black jeans found at her local Urban Outfitters to give her look a hint of grunge. She chooses black and white Superga platform tennis shoes to finish her look by adding a bit urban streetwear in her style. To spice it up, this Fashionista was rocking earrings from Turkish Bazar and a wrist full of bangles found in Switzerland. She is also wearing a very stylish Fjallraven Kanken bag to hold all of her school books and laptop.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to balance accentuating your assets while maintaining comfort and feeling confident in yourself. If you love it, and love the way it looks on you, live in it!”