STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All-Black Everything

Winter is here, Fashionistas! Fashion will not go out the window with the bright colors that are sported during the warmer seasons. Black is a universal color; it is flattering for anyone who wears it. Sometimes, though, an all-black outfit can be boring. One way to make an all-black outfit more unique is to wear contrasting textures and materials.

This Fashionista paired metallic snakeskin shorts with a silk top, both found at Express. Shorts are an unprecedented choice, especially due to the weather. However unprecedented, they add individuality and can be worn during the day or at night. Also, the silver accents from the shorts make the outfit more striking. Often, a monochromatic ensemble tends to blend together, but a juxtaposition of materials in the shirt and shorts create a hard line that separates the silhouette. This Fashionista paired the shirt with an Italian leather jacket and plain tights, which provide both warmth and style. The laser-cut holes on the jacket, coupled with the draped neckline, provides a feminine take on leather jackets. Her heeled leather booties also have a suede front, creating an unexpected contrast. If heels are too much for the daytime, you can swap them out for ankle booties or flats.

Black is often associated with having a dark facade, but mixing different materials and textures can give a black monochromatic outfit a fresh take. Overall, the look is stylish and elegant, but has a rebellious vibe, as well. The contrasting of materials and textures allows the color black to be fab, instead of drab!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “The most important thing for me is comfort, no matter the occasion!”