January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter has officially hit the East Coast, and that means it’s time to bundle up! The cold weather inevitably means heavy sweaters and big coats, but with the right accessories, a boring outfit can be drastically improved. I think the winter is the best time for fashion to be seen; more layers means more clothes to showcase. Over-the-knee boots are all the rage this winter season. Whether these shoes are being worn with a dress or jeans and a sweater, they are an absolute MUST for the coming months.

This Fashionista always turns heads in the creations she styles. She dresses so that neither comfort nor style are compromised, and therefore is the envy of many of her classmates. Amid the many bodies roaming around campus in bundles and layers, London stands out in her tasteful accessories and statement gray boots. These boots are definitely the star of this Fashionista’s outfit. She wears the boots with a simple beige J.Crew jumper and accessories to help feminize the look. This Fashionista “cannot be caught without her arm candy!” which is a combination of Alex and Ani bracelets and kate spade bangles.

This look is topped off with the perfect winter makeup look, which consists of darker colors on the eyes while the rest stays relatively simple. London is also sporting her kate spade tote, which doubles as a purse and bag for her books for class.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love challenging myself with seeing how I can incorporate bold statement pieces, like these knee-high boots, into my existing wardrobe. Fashion has always been something that I like to play and have fun with”.