A recent change in the weather has occurred here in Atlanta. It is not quite warm enough for short sleeves, but it is also time to ditch the big, fluffy coats. So, what should you wear? This Fashionista throws on a red velvet top paired with a lightweight, oversized plaid shirt. This combination is perfect for the days where the weather is in that in-between stage. Her velvet top adds warmth due to its fuzzy exterior that attracts heat.

The trend of this shirt was first adopted by men. Scottish men first began wearing the criss-crossed tartan on kilts in the 17th century as a mark of clan identity. But plaid has since evolved. It has been implemented by both men and women of all different styles: preppy, hippy and many more. This makes it easier for individuals to style it however they may choose. Recently, there have been a lot of women styling plaid shirts by tying the sleeves of their shirt around their waist. Plaid shirts are versatile—you can do just about anything with them!

This Fashionista decides to go with a more relaxed look by pairing her plaid button-down with light colored jeans, brown booties and an oversized black purse. You can rock a plaid shirt in a variety of different colors to be worn year round. I believe this is another reason why this is on trend, but it also has to do with you being able to buy plaid shirts anywhere. You can go to a thrift store or a high end boutique—plaid will never die.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s all about comfort!”