As we all know, prints are a popular summer trend. They spice up any outfit and they are definitely an eye-catcher. Since I was 30 minutes early to class (talk about punctuality), I decided to sit around and look at my social media. After many likes and re-tweets, it was this Fashionista’s skirt that made me look up from my phone screen.

Prints come in various forms: we have the popular cheetah print, flowers, polka dots and many, many more. I could probably go on listing them forever. However what caught my eye was the two variations of the print, and how they add more movement to the skirt. For the most part, whenever I see a piece of clothing with a print, it only has one design all over. This skirt was the exception because it has two different prints. Although they were very similar, I loved the way the variations of the print added even more dimension to the skirt. It is kind of an optical illusion that doesn’t make you go crazy.

Just like there are a lot of different prints, there are also different styles of skirts. This Fashionista is wearing a very comfortable flowy skirt which gives her a bit of a Bohemian vibe and is perfect for the summertime. Just in case you get tired of wearing shorts, a flowy skirt is a great replacement this summer season. Not only are they are super comfy, but they are also very lightweight. If they have a print, like this one does, it will help your entire outfit stand out more. You can alo dress them up or down which is always a plus. Today’s Fashionista was going for a relaxed and minimalist look. She paired her skirt with a classic knit cami and her tote bag from Forever 21.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear something that is comfortable and that you feel confident in, and to spice it up add a nifty print.”